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Katy Farr Web Design is an freelance web designer working in Austin, Texas. I specialize in website design and front-end development. If you are looking for a unique design to help you stand out on the web, we should talk!

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High end web design

Katy Farr Web design offers top-notch professional service and high-end web design. Combining design elements like color theory, layout and typography with web development results in a product which helps you stand out in a sea of cheap websites.

Professional Customer Service

Building the best website for your business is a collaborative effort. I bring technical skills and knowledge about the internet, social media, and design to the project. YOU know your business and your target audience intimately and it is YOUR vision that I will help to promote.

My comprehensive web services make designing and managing your website easier on you. I can be the single point of contact for all of your web site concerns. I can provide hosting and ongoing website maintenance as well as design your site, and assist you in setting up a presence via social media. All of this leaves you more time for your business!